Iceberg Alley

What is an Iceberg Alley?

Iceberg Alley refers to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean that run along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, at the easternmost point of North America.

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Interesting Facts About Russia

12 Interesting Facts About Russia

  1. Various leaders have ruled Russia throughout the years. It’s been ruled by both men and women, and many of its rulers have been absolute monarchs.
  2. Vladimir Putin became president in 1999 after serving as prime minister for four years before his presidential election. He has since been reelected three times and is currently serving his fourth term as president of Russia.


Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro Revealed!

Google releases its new smartphones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. When buying a phone, we always consider the price; it is inevitable to discuss the cost when purchasing a gadget. We all know that the important differentiator between the Apple and Samsung flagships in the world is the price of their devices. The price for the Google Pixel 7 starts at $599, and for the Pixel 7 pro, it starts at $899.

The year 2021 was a huge leap for Google, but the Pixel 7 is a small jump over the Pixel 6. The 7 and 7 Pro unveiled with Tensor G2 and camera improvements. Both models have a 50-megapixel wide-angle main and 12-megapixel ultrawide, while the Pro adds a 48-megapixel telephoto. 

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Dangerous Animals in Latin America

6 Dangerous Animals in Latin America

Latin America is a wild world of adventure, mystery, and danger. Outer realms of giving life to powerful animals, many deeply rooted in legend in a sacred mystical land. But which will top the list of 6 Dangerous Animals in Latin America?

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North Korea dispatches missiles

North Korea says dispatches missiles. North Korea said on Monday that its new missile dispatches mimicked strikes on South Korea and the U.S. as the two nations held a “hazardous conflict drill,” while the South said it had recuperated pieces of a North Korean missile close to its coast.

Last week, North Korea test-discharged numerous missiles, including a potentially bombed intercontinental long-range missile (ICBM) and many cannons shells into the ocean, as South Korea and the U.S. completed six-day air bores that finished on Saturday.


military drones

Iran provides drones to Russia as the war against Ukraine continues.

Iran provides drones to Russia as the war against Ukraine continues.

On Monday, the White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that Iran is believed to be providing several hundred unmannered aerial vehicles (colloquially known as drones) to Russia.

The US intelligence suggests Iran will provide Russia with hundreds of drones to boost its war against Ukraine, Sulivan told the reporters on Monday.

“Our information indicates that the Iranian government is preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred UAVs on an expedited timeline,” Sullivan said.

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ilocos norte

10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte

  1. The Burgos Lighthouse
  2. Pasuquin Salt Making
  3. Bangue Wind Mills
  4. Malacañang of the North
  5. Paoay Church
  6. Paraiso Ni Anton
  7. Patapat Viaduct
  8. Bantay Abot Cave
  9. Blue Lagoon
  10. Paoay Sand Dunes

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Anislag Spring


Anislag Spring is a hidden undiscovered, protected, natural, cold, fast, flowing spring. It is situated in the middle of the rainforest of Barangay Omjon in the town of Valencia, Bohol. Barangay Omjon is a boundary of the towns of Dimiao, Bilar, Batuan, Carmen, Sierra Bullones, and Garcia-Hernandez.

“It is always nice to be with nature.”

Anislag Sod or Sudlon is one of the sitios in the barangay, derived from the spring where Anislag trees are abundant; Sod was derived from the word “sodlon” to the forest.

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