Maggie Wilson disproves adultery allegations.

Maggie Wilson disproves adultery allegations. She has refused one of the bases of the adultery allegations filed by her estranged husband Victor Consunji. She even shares on her Instagram stories a video as her alleged evidence against her estranged-husband claims.

In her Instagram story, she wrote, “So you’re saying in your adultery allegations that your Schengen visa was still being processed and that myself and Tim went to Barcelona with you? Ok! Here’s a video that I posted on stories, 47 weeks ago (which was viewed by 45k+ people), of you laughing with us and smoking shisha at a cafe in Barcelona.”

Maggie added, “The name of the cafe is La Rose, which you can see in the background of the video. This was the ONLY time Tim was present in Barcelona with me/us. Just in case you forgot.”

Maggie Wilson disproves adultery allegations as shared on her IG stories.

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