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Overpricing on Virgin Island, Viral!

Facebook post by Vilma Uy went viral on Facebook as she airs her friend’s sentiments about recently enjoying their vacation in Bohol. In her Facebook post, it shows that there is overpricing in Virgin Island. The Facebook post has 16.80k shares with 7.1k comments as of writing.

On her Facebook post, there was a photo showing a bill that cost P26,000.00 with a breakdown of the food prices.


Isda (Sabaw)- P1,800.00

Isda (Kilaw)- P3,000.00

Isda (Sugba)-P2,500.00


Oyster- P3,000.00



Baby Squid-P1,500.00





Total of P26,100.00

The local authorities have already made a site inspection on the said island. Governor Aris Aumentado expresses his dismay at this disappointing event. However, he assures the public that the Provincial Government of Bohol, under his helm, will fix this issue.

This overpricing in Virgin Island issue in Bohol is not new to Boholanos. Shares on Facebook indicate that there are high prices implemented on the island.

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