• Lighten Dark Underarms

    Effective Tested Best Remedies To Lighten Dark Underarms

    There are times that women are not confident wearing sleeveless because of their dark underarms, making them feel insecure. Darkening of that area is expected because the sweat that accumulates on the armpits tends to darken the skin because of its acidic nature. To lighten dark underarms effectively has always been the dilemma for most women. But hey, women, there are many six effective tested best home remedies to lighten those dark underarms. Check it below. 6 Effective Tested Best Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Underarms: Apple Cider Vinegar We all know that apple cider vinegar is all around. Since it is rich in amino acids and lactic acid, it…

  • Signs of Dehydration

    10 Unusual Signs of Dehydration in Kids & Adults

    Did you know that our body temperature, skin texture, and breath indicate our hydration or dehydration levels? In this article, let us discuss unusual signs of dehydration in kids and adults. But first, let us know what dehydration is. Dehydration occurs when our body cannot function correctly due to low and insufficient water levels. Dehydration can be mild or can be severe. Mild dehydration is inconvenient but tolerable. On the other hand, severe dehydration can cause blood clots, convulsions, and other potentially fatal complications that need immediate treatment. Due to potential complications, knowing how to detect the early signs of dehydration is crucial. The usual symptoms are feeling thirsty or…

  • Benefits of Facial Exfoliation

    5 Great Benefits of Facial Exfoliation

    Facial Exfoliation has always been my favorite skincare tip. I love the benefits of facial exfoliation whether using a physical exfoliator (a grainy-textured substance I massage into my skin to remove surface debris manually) or a chemical exfoliator (a combination of safe-for-skin acids that chemically dissolve debris), I always bask in the moment. There is something about it that feels refreshing and freeing-almost like I’m setting my complexion back to its natural, fresh state. Everyone says facial exfoliation is a crucial step in a well-rounded skincare routine since it sloughs off dead and dry skin. But how about if you have dry skin? Expert reveals that aside from clearing away…