The Legend of Mayon Volcano

The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano is known as one of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, but do you know about its enthralling legend of Mayon Volcano?

The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Located in Albay, Province of the Bicol Region, Mayon is one of the active volcanoes found in the country. It is also known for its perfect cone shape.The myth of the Mayon Volcano is a story of ill-fated lovers with a pitiful ending that led to the existence of the volcano.

The legend starts off with a maiden named Daragang Magayon(Beautiful Maiden) who lives in a place called Ibalon, she was the daughter of Makusog the chief of their tribe. She was described to be so beautiful and enchanting that men from various places went to Ibalon just to peek at the beautiful Magayon. One of her pursuers was called Pagtuga, a warrior and chief of the tribe Iraga, also tried to impress the beauty with golds and jewels. But those treasures did not impress the beautiful Magayon for her heart already belonged to another.

As a young lady, Magayon loved bathing in the Yawa River. One way, she slipped in one of the rocks and fell, but because she did not know how to swim, she shouted an attempt for help. At that time, a warrior called Pangaronon(Clouds) was passing by the river and saved her from drowning. This started a relationship between the two that bloomed love, and eventually led Pangaronon to ask the Chief Makusog for his daughter- the beautiful Magayon’s hand in marriage. Only hoping for her daughter’s happiness, the tribe chief Makusog agreed to the marriage.

When the news of the marriage between the beautiful Magayon and the warrior Pangaronon reached the ears of Pagtuga, he was greatly infuriated and planned to abduct the Father of Magayon, Makusog. He then told Magayon that he would kill the beauty’s Father if she would not marry him instead of the warrior Pangaronon. The beautiful Magayon was baffled but agreed to marry the Chief Pagtuga to save his abducted Father.

On the day of the marriage, the warrior Pangaronon showed up to fight for his beloved Magayon, and a fight between two men occurred and Pangaronon lethally struck Patuga which led to the latter’s death. At last, the beautiful Magayon and her beloved Pangaronon could be together but as they were about to meet each other’s embrace, a poisonous arrow struck into the beautiful maiden that caused her to fall. Then, as Pangaronon was kneeling to his beloved Magayon, a soldier of the dead Chief Patuga stabbed him, which led to his death. To honor their pitiful yet fascinating love story, the beautiful Magayon’s Father decided to bury the two lovers together.

As years go by, people noticed that the land where the beautiful Magayon and Pangaronon were buried was starting to rise higher. The mountain that grew from the burial ground of the two is known as the famous Mayon Volcano. Today, people still believe in the legend. It is said that when it is rumbling Magayon is being bothered by Patuga, when it is calm the lovers, Magayon and Pangaronon are embracing each other. And when clouds meet the top of the volcano, they say that it is when Pangaronon is kissing his beloved Magayon.

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