Vice Ganda – Ion Perez Wedding Photos are viral in social media. Vice Ganda looks stunning on the beautiful all white gown he’s wearing. While Ion is so handsome in his suit.

Some netizens claim that those photos are edited. However, no one from both sides confirmed the rumors circulating online.

But Do you know how their love story started? Let’s check their love story timeline.

Vice Ganda & Ion Perez LOVE STORY TIMELINE

MAY 2018: Vice and Ion’s First Meeting

Ion was first discovered when he won the international male pageant Mr. Universe Tourism 2018.

In May 2018, he and two other male beauty titlists watched the late-night talk show Gandang Gabi Vice! (GGV) hosted by Vice.

They were seated at the front row of the studio when “Gigid Kid” Carlo Mendoza picked Ion to sit between him and Vice on stage.

“Pogi ba? In fairness,ha! Marunong uni-spot ito, ha!” said Vice of his kiddie co-host.

It was a brief encounter as Ion was only asked to dance while Carlo sang “Pusong Bato.”

After the number, Vice and Ion shared a quick hug, then Ion went back to sit with his fellow beauty titlists.

SEPTEMBER 19,2018:Ion’s First Day on It’s Showtime

On September 19,2018, Ion was launched as Kuya Escort on ABS-CBN’s noontime show
“It’s Showtime” where Vice is the main host.

SEPTEMBER 27,2018:Onscreen Romance

Ion soon became a regular Kuya Escort and would often get longer TV exposure because of his onscreen flirtation with Vice.

OCTOBER 22,2018:Ion wants Vice to meet his family

On October 22 in It’s Showtime, Vice said hello to people from Ion’s hometown in Tarlac.

NOVEMBER 27,2018:Ion introduces his Mom to Vice

On November 27, it was Ion’s 28th birthday. His mom came to the studio to watch the live telecast of it’s Showtime.

DECEMBER 2018:Vice and Ion’s Onscreen Romance

The public witnessed how the two became more relaxed during their impromptu skits on It’s Showtime.

JANUARY 1,2019:Vice and Ion’s Tampuhan on New Year’s Day

It soon becomes evident that Vice and Ion’s kilig vibe is not just for show.

FEBRUARY,2019:Late Night Texting

The following month, Vice and Ion hinted at how they’ve been texting each other until the wee hours of the morning.

MARCH,2019:Ion’s Confession

It didn’t take long before the public caught on to Vice and Ion’s budding romance.

MARCH 29,2019:Vice Introduces Ion to his Mom

The studio audience of It’s Showtime was thrilled when vice revealed that his mom and sisters came to watch him live that day. It was Vice’s turn to introduce Ion to his family.

MAY 29,2019:Vice and Ion’s trip to US and Canada

Ion had the chance to bond in between the comedian-Tv host’s concert tours abroad.

JUNE 2019:Vice “mystery” boyfriend

On the June 27 episode of the noontime show, he mentioned that he’s in a relationship with the unnamed guy for seven months.

JULY 2019:Vice visits Ion’s home in Tarlac

Yet there was no denying that something special wa going on between Vice and Ion.

AUGUST 2019:ion calls Vice “Mine”

The rumored couple couldn’t help but show off their love for each other.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019: Vice says “I love you” to Ion

They caused another kilig scene on “It’s Showtime”

OCTOBER 26, 2019:Vice Ganda’s Boyfriend

Then the day finally came for Vice to officially declare that Ion is his boyfriend.


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