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Jericho: The Safest Ancient City

Jericho: The Safest Ancient City is located in the Jordan Valley, in its west is the renowned Jordan River, while in its north lies the Dead Sea. Its location is a key factor as it is along the ancient trade route. Jericho is also one of the oldest Ancient Settlements, even dating back to 9000 BC. The City’s site is of great importance as it shows evidence of the first steps of civilization and development for permanent settlements since during this time, people would move from a place to another and move again. It can be said that Jericho is one of the first- if not the first Ancient City to be organized and actually be properly civilized. About many years later, at 8000 BC, the inhabitants of Jericho became capable engineers, craftsmen, and strategists that can build their known massive thick stone walls then later strengthened by a massive stone tower. 

Jericho: The Safest Ancient City
Jericho: The Safest Ancient City

Jericho’s size of settlement can be reasonably called a town, as historians propose about 2,000-3,000 inhabitants. Evidence of grains and barley’s can also be found in the remains of the Ancient City thus, suggesting that Jericho is one of the Ancient settlements that have evidence of early agriculture. As Jericho is located in the Jordan River Valley in modern Palestine, at an elevation of 864 feet below sea level, it is not only the oldest city but also the lowest one, which is why it is very exceptional for farming.

We know Jericho as the city that was destroyed by the Israelites unleashing devastating sound from the ram’s horn trumpet,  when they returned from slavery in Egypt under Joshua’s leadership. But how great really are the walls of Jericho for it to be only destroyed by the devastating sound of the trumpets with God’s help(according to the bible)?

Below is the structure of the formidable walls of Jericho:

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The walls of the great City of Jericho are made of massive stone walls that surround the city of 2,000 to 3,000 residents; it was built around 8,000 BC. Its high and thick walls serve as defense that protects the City, its inhabitants and its water system from intruders. Many thought that it was to protect the people living inside the city from invaders, although studies have shown that they were most likely built to protect the City from floods as they were close to bodies of water. The high walls varied in height and thickness over time, though according to archeological evidence they could have reached up to 41 feet in height and 6 feet thick. The retaining wall was 12-15 ft. high, while on top of that is the mudbrick wall which is about 20-26 ft. high. The watchtower was also at 28 feet, which shows us how great of engineers the inhabitants of Jericho are.

The great city of Jericho gives us a glimpse of the Ancient World, of how the first City on the planet developed and how they strengthened their formidable walls to protect themselves.  Jericho tells us a story of a great city, a city with a wonderful civilization, a city of great engineers, and how a great city can fall.

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