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10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte

10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte provides you some information during our Biyaheng Norte Tour in which Ilocos Norte was part of the itinerary.

Ilocos Norte is a beautiful province in the Northern Philippines particularly in Ilocos Region. This place offers tourist destinations highlighting nature & historical sites.

10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte:

1.The Burgos Lighthouse.

Popularly known as Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. This is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos,Ilocos Norte. After more than 100 years since it was constructed, it became a famous tourist destination, yet, it still functions as a welcoming beacon to the International ships that enter Philippine Archipelago.

2.Pasuquin Salt Making.

A few kilometers north of Pasuquin, there are roadside stalls selling bags of salt that is claimed to be one of the finest salt in the Philippines. Pasuquin is a farming and fishing area and during the off season, people resort to salt making to alleviate their income.

3.Bangue Wind Mills.

It is truly a unique must-see in the region. There are 20 turbines set up along the coast, stretch to a nine-kilometer shoreline of Bangui Bay facing the West Philippine Sea.

4.Malacañang of the North.

The former residence of the Marcos family during his presidency, their old home has been transformed into a museum. It is built on a high point of land projecting int the sea right above the coastline of the legendary Paoay Lake. Paoay Lake is commonly referred in Ilocano as “ big water”. It is the largest lake in the province of Ilocos Norte and one of the largest natural lakes in the Northen Luzon Region. It was declared as national park in 1969.

5.Paoay Church.

It is one of the oldest and beautiful churches in the country. It is also known as San Agustin Church.

6.Paraiso Ni Anton.

This is one of the few stops of the Pagudpud Tour. They say that the water from the falls can heal.

7.Patapat Viaduct.

One of the most beautiful spots in Ilocos Noorte and the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines. The 1.3 km concrete coastal bridge highway going from Pagudpud to Cagayan Valley is elevated 31 meters above sea level.

8.Bantay Abot Cave.

The interesting geological information is not really a cave but a rocky hill resulted from an earthquake that happened so many years ago. Bantay Abot means “a mountain with a hole.”It is an exceptional formation embracing the clear blue sea.

9.Blue Lagoon.

If you want a beach spot that is not flocked by many people like that of Boracay, the Blue Lagoon also known as Maira-Ira Point of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is the perfect spot for you.

10.Paoay San Dunes.

Paoay in Ilocos Norte has a place where sands are visible throughout the hills. Amazing place because it is not near the sea or beach to have a deposit of sands. Here, you can try riding a 4×4 vehicle in a roller coaster ride down the bumpy trails.

A very nice experience so far in my entire life.

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