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Hidden Anislag Spring in Omjon

Anislag Spring is a hidden undiscovered, protected, natural, cold, fast, flowing spring. It is situated in the middle of the rainforest of Barangay Omjon in the town of Valencia, Bohol. Barangay Omjon is a boundary of the towns of Dimiao, Bilar, Batuan, Carmen, Sierra Bullones, and Garcia-Hernandez.

“It is always nice to be with nature.”

Anislag Sod or Sudlon is one of the sitios in the barangay, derived from the spring where Anislag trees are abundant; Sod was derived from the word “sodlon” to the forest.

Anislag Spring
Image Credit: Monmon Photography

How do you get to Anislag Spring?

Anislag Spring, Omjon, Valencia, Bohol

If you want to go there, the distance from the Town Proper to Anislag Spring is 22 km. So if you are from Tagbilaran City, you must travel 40km (Tagbilaran to Valencia) plus 22km (Valencia Proper to Omjon). Don’t worry because the journey to get there is exciting, as you are on your way to the spring, and you can witness sceneries that will catch your attention. Though it has a short road that still needs to pave, it won’t hassle your travel and is part of the adventure. 

Anislag Spring
The source of water inside the cave – Anislag Spring

The place is perfect for outing. It is ideal for people who want to recharge from a busy life in the city. 

Eating after soaking yourself in the freezing water won’t be a problem because there is a cottage where you can indulge in your favorite foods. It also has two dressing rooms where you can change your wet clothes.

Cleaning your dishes is not a problem because there is an intended faucet. 

This place is an excellent place to relax to the nth level from the overloaded work.

Question: Is there a cottage fee?

Answer: Yes, the cottage fee is P150.00

Just be sure you would bring enough food because the hunger level rises when you swim in that freezing spring. Don’t worry because the level of coldness is just enough that it can even encourage you to swim over and over again.

The water from the cave is also clean and ready for drinking; it has many minerals—pure mineral water.

Question: Is there an entrance fee?

Answer: It has an entrance fee of five (5) pesos for each person.

So, what are you waiting for? Go there and experience the beauty of nature GOD has given to us.

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