How To Cook Crab With Sprite.

How To Cook Crab With Sprite.

I love seafood. It may be shrimp, fish, squid, or crabs. To cook crab has so many ways, but this recipe I will be sharing is just an effortless & simple way to cook crab with sprite, where you can taste the authentic flavor of the crab.

But before that, let’s check the benefits of eating crabs.

How To Cook Crab With Sprite.



1. Boil the crabs.

Heat your pan on high heat. Add 3 cups of Sprite soda and a cup of water. Add the ginger slices, followed by the crabs—season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Cover the lid and let it boil. (Seeing foam in the boiling water is normal)

2. When you see the top shell becoming orange in color, it is time to flip.

Cover the lid again and boil for another 5-10 minutes.

Then, remove the crabs from the pan and set them aside.

How To Cook Crab With Sprite

3. Serve.

You can add lemon if you want.

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