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The Secret Drama Behind M&M’s.

The Secret Drama Behind M&M’s. What the brand name actually stands for? Chocolate lovers all over the world were amazed after learning the story behind M&M’s chocolate and what the brand name actually stands for.

On a Tiktok video, Claire Dinhut, who is from the US but living in London, explains the “M&M” family drama.

The Secret Drama Behind M&M's.
The Secret Drama Behind M&M’s

The Secret Drama Behind M&M’s

Claire revealed that the chocolates’ name stands for MARS and MURRIE after chocolate heirs and business collaborators Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie.

Bruce Murrie was the son of Hershey executive William Murrie, while Forrest was the son of Mars Founder, Frank Mars.

In a video clip, she revealed that the story started when Forrest E. Mars fell out with his dad, the original owner of Mars.

She said: “My most fun candy history fact is M&M and why it is called M&M, basically there is so much family drama here and it’s so juicy, it’s so good.”

“The Mars company was started before Hershey’s by this guy, and his son was really good at coming up with chocolate bars.”

She went on to explain that the son visited Europe where he reportedly spotted people enjoying chocolate covered in candy coating.

Not wanting to share his idea with his dad when he planned to bring the idea to the US, he turned to his family’s rival, the Hershey’s.

She continued: “He goes to Hershey’s and he’s like I am the son of Mars but I don’t want to give it to my father, let’s just work together.

‘The guy who is running Hershey’s, his last name is Murrie, he was like sure but you have to work with my sin. So they worked together and created these little candies’

Claire Dinhut went on to reveal that together with the son of a Hershey executive, they created M&M, and decided to name the brand after themselves.

She added,” They called them Mars, like the first guy’s last name, and Murrie the second guy’s last name, M&M.

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