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Singapore Travel Guide & Cost From Philippines

We came from Bohol and wanted to travel to Singapore, so here is our Singapore Travel Guide & Cost. I received so many messages regarding our trip to Singapore. Some asked about the cost, the fare, the travel tax, immigration whereabouts, etc. Though I already made an article about this but since we travel now as a group there is a little bit of a difference.

Singapore Travel Guide & Cost

So, let me start. We are 6 adults & a 7yo kid. We rode the 9:20 Oceanjet trip to Cebu. Adult fare is P500 while the kid is P400. Pay the terminal fee that costs P20 per ticket. Terminal fee for kids is free when there is a school ID presented.

When we arrived at Terminal 1 Cebu Port, we rented a van for P600. It was divided by 6 since we are 6 in a group. Each of us paid P100.

It was 12 noon when we arrived at Mactan Cebu International Airport at International Departure. We found out that there were no fast food chains there so we decided to go to Terminal 1 domestic to have our lunch. Jollibee & Shakeys can be found inside Terminal 1. Just look for the black bus or the airport bus for you to be able to transfer to Terminal 1 for free. After eating our lunch at Shakeys (more or less their meal cost P230), we went to Jollibee to take orders for our dinner since our flight is 7:45 in the evening. Better to bring food to save inside the International departure because available foods inside are very expensive.

Present your ticket & passport when entering the International Departure building. Check in at the airline counter. Pay the travel tax if you haven’t paid yet, it is worth P2600. Go back to the airline counter for your boarding pass.

By the way, you are only allowed for a 7kgs hand carry luggage but it depends on the airline. Some allow 9kgs. Just please take note that flammable belongings are not allowed like lighter, water and other liquid substances that exceed 100ml, and also umbrellas are not allowed.

After receiving the boarding pass, pay the terminal fee P850 for adult & kid (no exemption). Then proceed to the table in front of the Terminal fee counter to fill out the departure card.

Departure Card needs the following data:

  • Complete Name
  • Passport Number ( can be used also as ID No.)
  • Flight Number
  • Address of the county of destination
  • Occupation
  • Signature
  • Date of Departure

After filling out everything, proceed to the immigration counter. There is a counter for all passports & a counter for OFW/Crew. Just fall in line at the All Passport Counter.

The immigration officer will ask for your passport, boarding pass & departure card. In case you are a government employee you are required to present Approved Leave & Authority to Travel Abroad. If you are self employed they will ask for a business permit or anything proof that you have income and you can finance your travel.

In the case of my husband we went to separate counters. He was with my daughter. But the immigration officer I was assigned to told me that when you travel as a family you can go together in one counter. Then if you are bringing your niece/nephew without her/his parents, you are required to present a DSWD Clearance approved by the DWSD Regional Office.

If everything is okay, proceed to the boarding gate. Boarding gate number can be seen on your boarding pass. Then wait for an announcement of boarding. You can also check the status of your flight on the TV screens.

Since you cannot bring water inside you will be forced to buy bottled water costing P125 for 1 liter if ever you are very thirsty. However, you can refill it for free, just look for a fountain. Refill it with cold water.

Also, their comfort room is very clean & automatic.

Arriving at Changi Airport you will be amazed at how their airport looks. Very clean, spacious, high-tech and their floor is carpeted.

Before proceeding to the immigration counter, fill out first the embarkation/disembarkation form.

Embarkation/ Disembarkation needs the following data:

  • Full Name
  • Passport Number
  • Place of Residence (City, State, Country)
  • Flight Number
  • Address in Singapore
  • Postal Code
  • Contact Number
  • Country of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Length of Stay
  • Nationality
  • Last City/Port of Embarkation Before Singapore
  • Next City/Port of Disembarkation After Singapore
  • Signature

This will be given inside the plane or if ever you didn’t receive one you can get at the tables before the immigration counters.

Changi Airport has a 24-hour money changer. You can change your Peso to SG $. More or less 1 SG $= P40.

Since we will be staying at Pasir Ris, we will ride a Taxi going there that costs $16.

Summary of Cost Per Person:

Oceanjet (Bohol-Cebu) -P500

Taxi (Pier to Airport)- P100

Travel Tax- P2600

Terminal Fee – P850

Taxi (Singapore) – it depends on where you will be staying.

Note: This Singapore Travel Guide and Cost are just based on our experience.

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