• Anislag Spring
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    Hidden Anislag Spring in Omjon

    Anislag Spring is a hidden undiscovered, protected, natural, cold, fast, flowing spring. It is situated in the middle of the rainforest of Barangay Omjon in the town of Valencia, Bohol. Barangay Omjon is a boundary of the towns of Dimiao, Bilar, Batuan, Carmen, Sierra Bullones, and Garcia-Hernandez. “It is always nice to be with nature.” Anislag Sod or Sudlon is one of the sitios in the barangay, derived from the spring where Anislag trees are abundant; Sod was derived from the word “sodlon” to the forest. How do you get to Anislag Spring? If you want to go there, the distance from the Town Proper to Anislag Spring is 22 km.…

  • ilocos norte

    10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte

    10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte provides you some information during our Biyaheng Norte Tour in which Ilocos Norte was part of the itinerary. Ilocos Norte is a beautiful province in the Northern Philippines particularly in Ilocos Region. This place offers tourist destinations highlighting nature & historical sites. 10 Interesting Places In Ilocos Norte: 1.The Burgos Lighthouse. Popularly known as Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. This is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos,Ilocos Norte. After more than 100 years since it was constructed, it became a famous tourist destination, yet, it still functions as a welcoming beacon to the International ships that enter Philippine Archipelago. 2.Pasuquin Salt Making. A few kilometers north…

  • Singapore Itinerary

    Singapore Itinerary In A Low Budget

    Here is the Singapore Itinerary for more or less 6 days at a minimal cost. Everybody knows that Singapore has been declared as one of the World’s most expensive city that is why some people are scared to travel in this world known city. Well, it depends on the person who travels, if you want a luxurious tour then it would be very expensive. But if you are a budgetarian, you can explore the top tourist attractions for as low as SG $ 175 or 7000 pesos (exclusive of pasalubong) only. Singapore has many attractions that are for free especially the main attraction in which the Singapore is known for.…